All Things Jill - Shower Steamers: Lemongrass Laurel

2x300g / case

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When does a shower feel like a sunny, spring morning? Any time you add one of these Lemongrass + Laurel shower steamers! Packed with pure essential oils, this luminous shower steamer will fizz away as you wash, scrub and rinse, releasing the aromas into the steam as it does. There’s no easier way to create an aromatherapy shower experience that will revive you, lend you courage and clear your mental cobwebs. Like the more commonly known bath bomb, these shower-time buddies are one of our very best sellers! Use for one long shower, or two quick ones! These make a great addition to any gift, or a stand-alone stocking stuffer.

Zero waste shower buddy!

Aromatherapy shower experience

Rinses clean. No residue.