Always Bearded Lifestyle - Beard Grooming Kit - Eucalyptus Lime

2x5-pack / case

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Wake up your beard with a crisp blend of Eucalyptus, Lime and Pine Scotch Needle essential oils; providing a scent that is truly refreshing yet very clean.

What's included:

- Anti-Static Man Sized Maple Beard Comb

(Daily combing helps to train hair to lay down better. This comb also helps to distribute product more evenly throughout beard hair)

- Eucalyptus + Lime Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

(Cleans and conditions facial skin and beard hair)

- Eucalyptus + Lime  Beard Oil

(Conditioning oil to soften and moisturize skin and beard hair)

- Eucalyptus + Lime  Beard Balm

(Styling and volumized structure aid for unruly beard hair)

- Eucalyptus + Lime  Moustache Wax

(Wax to help keep unruly or drooping moustaches)