Eco-Max - Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner Spray, Natural Orange

4x800 ml / case

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Eco-Max Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner is approved by Health Canada to kill 99.99% of bacteria. It’s a powerful plant-based, bleach-free and quat-free natural cleaner designed to give you a safer cleaning experience all around the home.

Use it to clean away dirt and grime, and to kill bacteria on non-porous hard surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops and cabinets, sinks, faucets, highchairs, doorknobs, garbage cans, and more. It’s scented with a fruity and fresh, pure orange essential oil. Like our other products, Eco-Max Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances or dyes.

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To clean & deodorize: Spray product onto surface and wipe clean.

To disinfect: Preclean heavily soiled areas. Spray surface thoroughly, allow surface to remain wet for five minutes, then wipe clean. For food contact surfaces or objects that may come into direct contact with children at the mouthing stage of development, a rinse with potable water is recommended.

Note: Test on an inconspicuous spot first. Not recommended for use on unsealed natural stone. Avoid contact with food.