Eco-Max - Disinfecting Tub & Tile Cleaner Spray, Natural Tea Tree Oil

4x800 ml / case

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Eco-Max Disinfecting Tub & Tile Cleaner is approved by Health Canada to kill 99.99% of bacteria. It’s a powerful plant-based, bleach-free and quat-free natural cleaner designed to give you a safer cleaning experience in the bathroom.

Use it to clean away grime, soap scum, and hard water deposits, and to kill bacteria on non-porous hard surfaces like bathtubs, shower tiles and stalls, toilets, fixtures, and more. It’s scented with a fresh, pure tea tree essential oil with notes of peppermint. Like our other products, Eco-Max Disinfecting Tub & Tile Cleaner doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances or dyes.

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To clean & deodorize: Spray product onto surface and wipe or rinse clean.

To disinfect: Preclean heavily soiled areas. Spray surface thoroughly, allow surface to remain wet for five minutes, then wipe or rinse clean.

Note: Test on an inconspicuous spot first. Not recommended for use on unsealed natural stone.