Food For Life - Almond, Organic

6x454g / case

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Certified Organic
Food For Life Ezekiel Cereals are 100% flourless, certified kosher and made with certified organic sprouted grains using the original recipe perfected more than 60 years ago. The cereals are made with same grains used in our breads. The grains are baked slower at lower temperatures to help preserve important vitamins and minerals. Food For Life’s slow baking techniques ensures the preservation of important nutrients. Food For Life meticulously chooses it’s ingredients, and refuses to use acidifying agents such as: Cultured Wheat Starch – a preservative Vinegar – a preservative Calcium Propionate – a preservative Ascorbic Acid – a preservative You’ll never see acidic preservatives in Food For Life breads or cereals. Food For Life recognizes that a “Balanced pH” is absolutely essential for optimum health. Sprouting maximizes nutrition and digestibility through enzymatic activity of the sprouting process. Enzymes like the natural release of amylase and protease, which break down starch, carbohydrates and protein, promoting unmatched digestibility, while lowering the glycemic index. That is why Food For Life refuses to use acidifying agents. Food For Life always uses the best possible ingredients to maintain the quality of all their products..