Level Ground - Coffee, Peru, Medium & Smooth, Whole Bean, Large

6x908g / case

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Certified Organic

Roast Profile: Dark

Tasting Notes: Bold, rich, intense, a classic!
Roast Profile: Medium

Tasting Notes: Savoury, silky, cocoa

Taste Description: Sweet citrus, green apple, milk chocolate, toasted peanut – with a crisp fruity finish.

There is no coffee more perfect for your breakfast pairing than this lovely gem. It comes directly from the hands of the Nomatsiguenga people in Junin, Peru – just outside of Pangoa (where the growers' co-operative is). The cup is classically savoury, sweet, crisp and clean. Our medium roast allows the coffee to be sweetly smooth. Great in a drip, press, or pour-over of any lineage.

Origin: 100% Single Origin Certified Organic Peruvian Arabica Beans

Elevation: 1,200-1,700 metres above sea level

Certified Organic
Fair Trade
Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada
Social Impact: Indigenous elementary education, Indigenous farmers' training