Quantum - Canker Care +

2x9.7 ml / case

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Canker Care+ Oral Gel is the most comprehensive natural canker sore remedy formula you can buy. Here's Why: Lysine: An amino acid good for topical application Aloe Vera: Soothes and helps resolve Menthol: An oral analgesic and pain reliever Myrrh: A traditional remedy for gum and mouth irritations. Licorice (DGL): Clinically proven to heal canker sores fast (J Assoc Physicians India. 1989 Oct; 37(10):647.) Goldenseal: Has astringent properties. Echinacea: Native American herb traditionally used on open sores. Tea Tree Oil: Well known for its many properties Gum Benzoin: A gum resin used in skin irritations. Vitamin B12: Deficiencies of this vitamin may play a role.