Sacred Foods - Popped Lotus Seeds, Himalayan Pink Salt

12x20 g / case

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Gluten Free Vegan
  • HEALTHY TREATS: Our lotus seeds are hand picked, popped in small batches and roasted to perfection using natural seasonings and olive oil. This divine superfood is packed with protein and vitamins so you can indulge in snacking while still feeling nourished.

  • REAL INGREDIENTS: We believe in honouring every ingredient in its most natural form. That’s why our ingredients are simple, wholesome and minimally processed.

  • MINDFUL SNACKING: 3g Plant Protein, 85 Calories, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Naturally Organic

  • SATISFYING CRUCH: Popped lotus seeds are light, airy and crunchy. Similar to popcorn, but without the kernel.

  • TASTES AMAZING: These snacks are healthy without compromising on taste. Take your pick from our line up of Himalayan Pink Salt, Sweet Thai Chili, White Cheddar and Spicy Wasabi. Each flavour is guilt-free and irresistibly delicious.