Snack Affair - Shiitake Mushroom Bites, Crunchy Toasted (vegan)

24x20g / case

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Gluten Free Vegan

Welcome home a new fun-gi snack to your household. What snack is vegan, high in fibre, and made from one ingredient? Why, it’s Snack Affair Shiitake Mushroom Bites, of course. This crunchy, toasted, and positively delicious veggie snack is something we can get used to. With no GMOs, these shiitake mushroom bites are the real deal. You won’t find any preservatives, added sugars, trans fat, or cholesterol. The perfect addition to a plain salad, or add some to a steaming bowl of ramen for an elevated element. Lightly salted, and tasty, we know you’ll thoroughly enjoy these capped snacks. There’s not mush-room for improvement when it comes to this healthier snack alternative, so dive in already!