Sober Carpenter - Non-alcoholic Beer, White

12x473 ml / case

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This flavourful Belgian style white offers balanced aromas of orange, coriander, and wheat. Its rich and hazy body will surely please beer lovers.

Malts: toasted wheat, oat flakes, cara
Hops: hallertau mittlefruh
Spices: bitter orange peel, coriander


Medium to a medium-light body filled with citrus notes and hints of coriander. Medium carbonation followed by a smoothness and light creaminess from unmalted wheat and oats. Refreshing, light acidity, and lack of bitterness in the finish.

…in other words the perfect balance of citrus and Canadian wheat to satisfy your taste buds…


Great with lighter dishes—such as classics like  steamed mussels, salmon, or salads.