Stahlbush Island Farm - Cut Rainbow Chard

12x300 g / case

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At Stahlbush, farming is an art and a science. Only perfect varieties that are naturally sweet, colorful and bursting with flavor make the cut. Our co-owner and professional artist Karla S. Chambers captures the essence of Stahlbush using the colors of the farm in paintings for each and every label. Our commitment to nutrition, health and a happier life for everyone is what fuels our passion for fine food.

Great Ways to Enjoy

Make tacos! Add cooked Swiss chard to your favorite taco for a superb power taco.
Make a lentil or bean soup. Give soup an extra nutrient boost by adding the greens during the last 15 minutes of cooking.
Add them to a salad. Give the frozen chard a salt massage, rinse and wilt it slightly to serve with garlicky yogurt or blanch it and serve it Japanese style, in a buttery soy dressing.
Use it as a base for chicken. Bake chicken over Swiss chard and croutons for a one-pot meal.
Make a pizza. Top a frozen pizza with frozen chard for an extra boost of green..