Theobroma - Chocolate Baton - Milk Chocolate, 38% Cacao, Coconut & Quinoa Crisp

18x35g / case

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Certified Organic Gluten Free

If you adore coconut milk chocolate, you’ll love our creamy 38% milk chocolate baton with coconut and quinoa crisp. Delicately developed, it offers splashes of island colours (white and beige) that perfectly complement the brown creamy milk chocolate. This unique flavour combination of cocoa, coconut and quinoa will delight your palate. The crisp flavour and texture of quinoa against the smooth milk chocolate will give you a moment of ultimate satisfaction.Ingredients

Cane Sugar*+, Cocoa Butter*+, Whole Milk Powder*, Cocoa Mass*+, Coconut*, Quinoa*. *Organic, +Fair Trade

Allergens:  Contains milk and coconut. May contain soy.

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