BioItalia - Tomato Paste

12x300 ml / case

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Certified Organic
Bioitalia only sources the best selection of tomatoes from Southern Italy. Focusing on the path of the transparency and the food safety, Bioitalia choose to implement a control system which gives organic products whose origin is known, followed and guaranteed from the field to the table. The certified chain is currently the only approachable way to offer a guarantee to final consumers. Our efforts are concentrating on choosing farmers that share our values and are aware of the guarantees to be fulfilled and the targets to be reached. Bioitalia tomatoes are manufactured a few hours after the gathering, that is why they have an unique scent and an intense flavor. Tomatoes are maybe the most renowned Mediterranean specialty, rich in minerals and vitamins. Organic tomatoes contain more antioxidants than conventional ones, which curb free radicals and favor the well-being of our body.