Patience Fruit & Co. - Sour Cran w/Dried Cranberries, Sour Strawberry Flavoured (70% organic ingredients)

8x60 g / case

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Gluten Free Vegan

With our new line of low-sugar candy, we are changing the face of sweet snacking. Our SourCran sour strawberry candy is a revamped approach that puts real fruit front and centre. It all starts with our organic dried cranberries you already know and love, to deliver that crave-worthy sweet and tart flavour, the healthy way.

You aren’t dreaming: while SourCran will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth just like regular candy, the main ingredient is our organic no added sugar dried cranberries. With the help of a handful of other natural flavours, this variety of SourCran packs all the sweetness and juiciness of fresh strawberries into every bite, so you can plunge right back into a summertime mindset no matter where you are (and even if there’s snow on the ground!).